7382 SW 56th Avenue

South Miami, FL 33143


Sundays are for Sunday brunch at Whisk as they serve Sunday brunch exclusively until 4pm. I love this especially since most restaurants end their brunch service at 2pm or 3pm and that is too rushed for the modern church-going Girl who lets the real “Sunday Brunch” the sermon and the fellowship digest before heading to satisfy their appetite. Whisk indirectly understands our plight. Now, I have tried the Low Country Shrimp and Grits which were good, but room temperature. If you like your food on the warmer side, do mention that when ordering. I have ordered this twice and the dish was room temperature. I did not send it back because I planned to review the meal and you can better determine whether a dish is good or not by eating it at room temperature; if it is good at room temperature, then it is a well made dish. I must say, the grits were good quality, let me qualify that, they were not “quick grits.” They were the stone-ground type that are more expensive and harder to find; I have only seen them at one local specialty store where I first purchased them several years ago. They are the type of grits that take much longer to cook, but are worth the extra time and effort because the texture is supreme to quick grits. The shrimp were large, succulent, and cooked perfectly. I liked the addition of mushrooms to the dish, but had them omit the bacon since I do not eat pork. I could eat this dish everyday for brunch, and I say that as someone with a pretty mean shrimp and grits dish of her own. I also had the Fried Green Tomatoes which were decent, but the sauce, while it added a freshness to the richness of the fried tomatoes, was a bit on the liquid side. During the same visit, I ordered Papa’s Buttermilk Pancakes with pecan-caramel praline butter and maple syrup. When I read praline on the menu I immediately thought of New Orleans, Louisiana, and therefore I anticipated a crunch factor to the pecan-caramel praline butter, but it was missing. That would be my only minus to the entire dish because the pancakes were light and fluffy. On a separate visit, I tried the Pepper Jelly and Goat Cheese served with toast points and it was delicious and different, but I had heard of pepper jelly from country-cooking style chefs so I was completely open to it as I am with most foods I have not tasted. I would recommend Whisk for brunch again and again, that is why they have made my list of Where to Brunch in Miami. Let me know if you visit by commenting about your experience below. Cheers!

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