Looking Beyond the Storm

God is our refuge and strength [mighty and impenetrable],
A very present and well-proved help in trouble.
Psalm 46:1 AMP

We never welcome storms whether they are natural disasters or storms that we encounter in our own lives. Storms cause fear, worry, and even death. They are the result of a fallen world much different than the perfect world that Jesus created. After six days of creating, God “looked over everything he made [and He concluded that] it was good, so very good (Genesis 1:31 MSG)!” Unfortunately, the world we inherited is far from good. As a matter of fact, storms themselves are proof that all is not right with the world. As we await Hurricane Irma here in Florida, a massive storm that has already displayed her power and has already claimed several precious lives, now more than ever, we have a greater awareness of the fragility of our existence. We are faced with the uncomfortable reality that we are not in control. No doubt the enemy capitalizes on moments like these as his diabolical plan is “to steal, kill, and destroy” everything that we hold dear (John 10:10a). Yet, what the devil intends to harm us, God uses for good and to save many as they turn to and put their trust in Him (Genesis 50:20). In times of trouble, God is near; He’s a very present and proven help when we are seeking Him most (Psalm 46:1).

We naturally view storms for their potential for destruction, but I challenge and encourage you if only for your own peace, to look beyond the storm. Look beyond what’s in front of you, and consider the opportunity storms present to put the sovereign God of the universe more brilliantly on display. Look beyond the storm at the countless blessings that still remain. Count them and reflect on how these blessings as opposed to your struggles can be more magnified. Look beyond the storm at what we are inevitably going to which is an outcome of good and of mercy that will follow us regardless of the troubles this life brings. Look to God, our mighty and impenetrable refuge and strength; turn more earnestly to Him. For only in the safety of a perfect God can we find the perfect peace we need in order to survive our storms.



Divine Intervention

black-and-white-person-woman-girlHearts are breaking more often these days as news of trouble surfaces locally, nationally, and globally. I know God’s heart breaks over the wickedness of His creation. God neither slumbers nor sleeps so I know He is fully awake when injustices and senseless acts of violence occur of any kind. No matter how much He’s excluded from the solution, God remains the remedy to all of the evil in this world and His principles if adhered to would make a world of difference in our society. One thing is certain, God is not going to intervene in any situation in which He is not welcome. That is why the whole world benefits when God’s people pray and seek His face regularly and earnestly for His divine intervention. Above that, what if we did what is required which is to do right, to love kindness and mercy and to understand that it is not about us to the end that we walk in humility before God (Micah 6:8)? Imagine the difference that would be made if people actually loved their neighbor, actually cared about their welfare, actually treated all men as being created (as they were) equal. There would be no war, hate, bigotry, and all other evils in the way of a harmonious existence would be eradicated. Yet and still, we know in this world Jesus warned us to expect trouble (John 16:33); and we also know that the events of this age are leading up to His much anticipated return. So, as we live, be light, love, pray, and act with wisdom, in our hearts we always return longingly to utter, “Come Lord Jesus,” but with this world as urgently in need of a Savior, I can understand the reason for His delay (2 Peter 3:9).