Food for the Single Soul

If you’re a single woman, you may be regarded as lonely or as missing something, even the best out of life. However, despite your single relationship status and the subtle disdain by a society that views singleness as the plague, you are whole and not awaiting your better half, you are the whole person that God made you and no one betters you. Don’t allow society, age, or any other pressure to rush you into marriage as if it is a mission in life that all women are to attain or be able to check off of their list or to consider themselves as having arrived once they’re wed. The truth is, women have value whether they’re wearing a ring or doing their own thing. So single women would do well to remain single until God sends them one of His children because the Devil has children too, and his children are men after his own evil heart which means that they are not for you literally and figuratively.

Throughout the year, but especially during the holiday season, family and friends that you haven’t seen in a while, mostly with good intentions might ask, “So, when are you getting married?”, and then wait patiently for your answer. Don’t be blindsided. Always have an answer.

Here’s some gracious responses and switch questions:

  1. “I’m trusting God’s timing. What’s new with you?”
  2. “Any day now. What’s one goal you’ve set for next year?”
  3. “Not sure, but I’ll be sure to update you. How did you know that (insert their spouse’s name) was the one for you?”

If you don’t want them to ever ask you that question again (lol) use one of these responses:

  1. “I’m (insert you age), single, and I [really] don’t care!”
  2. “You know, marriage isn’t for everybody.”
  3. “I’m doing so well all by myself, that I haven’t given it real consideration.”

If a relationship is your heart’s desire, understand that God will not withhold any good thing from you. He is a good God who knows how to give good gifts to His children, better than any earthly father ever could, that’s for sure. While He will not withhold any good thing from you, including the good thing that is a husband, that does not mean that He will not allow that thing you desire to be delayed, to await perhaps His or your necessary preparedness and the perfect timing for the presentation of your perfect for you gift, into your life. Adding another person into your life comes with more than just having and holding, and for this, one has to be ready and willing and capable of managing and committing to all that comes with a God given relationship. Though your meeting with your one day husband is delayed, wait for him, because God will make your wait worth your while if you trust Him with all matters especially matters of your heart.  While desiring the temporary pleasures of marriage and family, desire more fully the eternal love that exists between you, your Maker and your Savior. That’s the type of love, dear single, that never grows old.

Today, I encourage you to spend your single days, your free, undivided time being devoted to the work God has prepared for you. What can you do for Jesus today as a single, that you would not be able to do the same if you were married?

Reader’s Note: I alluded to the book by Juliette Bush, “I’m 30, I’m Single, and I Don’t Care!” in the response above: “I’m (insert you age), single, and I [really] don’t care!”






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