Christian Girls Brunch Club combines founder Miriam Wedderburn’s passion for sharing the love of God over delicious meals, and uniting women for spiritual growth and every good work. Christian Girls Brunch Club’s mission is to promote spiritual development and healthy relationships among a diverse group of women who love the Lord.

We aim to uplift and offer encouragement to women and mentoring to girls in our community who are facing life’s challenges by serving up spiritual sustenance with a side of brunch. As a result, we seek to instill an enduring realization that there is hope and that life’s challenges can be overcome. The message we share is constant, that, from the depths of our brokenness and despair, a beautiful story has been penned by the Divine author who knows our beginning from our ending.

We will appeal to young and seasoned women who desire to grow spiritually, develop relationships with like-minded women, and those committed to empowering women and girls. When you join Christian Girls Brunch Club, you are apart of a God idea to spiritually develop the lives of and enhance the fellowship of women of God.

We commit to serving diligently where the Holy Spirit leads in order to spread the gospel message and share the redemptive, transformative stories of our lives to those who have not encountered Jesus in our community and the world.